04_04_AAlong with our propositions, we provide services that are fully linked with buildings’ electrical assemblies from design through execution to measurement and documentation. Our service includes, in addition to general 0,4 kV electrical works, a wide range of use of low voltage systems, and custom solutions, even in potentially explosive environments. We made our (building electrical wiring) services available to businesses and residential customers. We undertake short- or long-term (building electrical wiring) maintenance; at request we provide the necessary materials needed for electrical installation at reasonable prices. Our mechanics and technicians have the proper qualifications and certificates, as a consequence of their regular further training, their professional expertise and knowledge of standards are up-to-date.

During (building electrical wiring) construction we find the following series of standards particularly relevant:

  • IEC 60364 – Low-voltage electrical installations

04_04_BOur services:

  • Planning of electrical networks.
  • Design, production, assembly and installation of distribution (core).
  • Implementation of complete electrical works.
  • Construction of lighting systems.
  • Electrical shock protection measurement.
  • Construction of earthing systems.
  • Examinations with thermal imaging camera.
  • Maintenance and servicing.