03_03Industrial control engineering and control technique pays careful attention to the aspects of the prevention of accidents and the safety of human lives:  as the line of development, safety control systems gain a more and more important role in that. Towards an opportunity to make the data of reliability a numerical value during the designing and engineering, standardized processes have been formulated. One of these processes is detailed in the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) series of standards: in this the complexity of control systems is increased towards eliminating the human error coefficient. This complexity affects not only the control system, but also specifies the equipment which can be used. Since November 2011 to prevent accidents these processes have become requirements in the European Union for any system which is operated under human inspection or fully automatized.  Our company serves its customers with the deep and detailed knowledge of the SIL reliability standards (ISO 13849, EN 61508, EN 62061, EN 61511) to fit the EU requirements from the design and from choosing the equipment to the very last phase of the construction.

Preparation of industrial risk analysis

Our company serves the preparation of HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) studies and analyses, risk-lowering calculations, and SIL classifications on the process control field, which are required for the determinability of the quantified risks.