04_05Ensuring the continuity of production is a key factor in the industry, along with the prevention of accidents, to which the regular maintenance of equipment is crucial. We undertake short or long term maintenance of existent systems in cooperation with our partners, including on-site troubleshooting in case of necessity. Throughout our work we strive to use high quality products from well-known manufacturers. Through our extensive partner contacts, we serve our customers in the acquisition of products, which are rare and only available on foreign markets, or no more purchasable.

Customer service

We provide quick and flexible customer support to our contractual partners with modern mechanical background and even arriving at the site under a few hours. We keep in stock the most commonly used installation components and have partnership agreements with several manufacturers, including one of the country’s best-known electrical wholesaler, which supplies us with the required products, in many cases from stock or with very short delivery time. As part of our customer service we perform failure diagnosis, repairs and testing.

Remote monitoring

At request we provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting to our contractual partners. Remote monitoring can be nonstop or periodic (access given only for the duration of troubleshooting through a safe channel), therefore reducing costs and downtime. Difficulties arising from software malfunction in most cases can be corrected remotely, and as a result of remote diagnostics, even in a case of hardware failure our colleagues can visit the site prepared, or assist the local servicemen with important diagnostic information.