03_02_A_ENThe main priority defined for industrial control software is its long-term reliable operation. In the course of software design and development, as well as the configuration of structural conceptions, our colleagues rely on many years of professional expertise. We aim to construct our software modularly with regard to customer demands, thus ensuring the possibility of future developments.

PLC software development

According to our experience, different approach is needed for the programming of industrial controllers (PLC), than what is required for conventional PC applications; and the familiarity with the technology is vital to the programmer. Our use of programming languages, whether it is graphical (LD, FB, SFC) or text-based (ST, IL), is determined by technology, the customer’s need and wishes, and the specifics of the applied control device.

Development of visualization and data acquisition software

Establishing human-machine interaction (HMI) is an important task in terms of operation.  We offer many customized visualization solutions to our partners, from simple alphanumeric operator panels (OP) to PC-based (which is implemented with data acquiring and logging database), supervisory, control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), which can be connected to production assistant or business management systems (ERP).

Software standardization

03_02_BFor the operators of manufacturing systems the lack of software standardization can pose a problem if the running and display of equipment from different suppliers vary greatly or if the control system of a device lacks the language of the given region. Therefore our company undertakes the creation of standards or, in conformity with the specification of the customer, the uniformization and language localization of existent control software.

Development of custom software

In the field of industry one may find complete software solutions and frameworks for many tasks, nevertheless there can be special customer demands for which these are unsuitable. In this case unique, custom-made software is needed, which provides the possibility of a wholly exclusive application programmed and designed with regard to the carefully surveyed actual work process and requirements.