Automation of production processes

Innovative solutions to increase efficiency, from design through production to commissioning.

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We apply clear and transparent processes from offer to delivery.

Thinking in systems

Since changes to any part of a system affect the system as a whole, the technical solutions to a subtask are considered in the context of the whole system.


We are constantly evolving and looking for new, environmentally friendly technologies.

Our services

Complete automation systems

Using today’s technologies, nearly half of the human-intensive work processes can be automated. The main goal of industrial automation is to increase competitiveness, efficiency and productivity. Automation solutions are always unique and the best choice depends on a number of factors, so there areno ready-made templates. We help our partners to find the most ideal solution from the needs assessment to the commissioning.

Design of automation systems

After assessing your needs, we help you choose the automation equipment and carry out the electrical design of the system.

Industrial software development

We develop DCS, control, PLC and HMI (OP, SCADA) software for your automation system, tailored to your specific needs.

Manufacture of control cabinets

At our Budapest site we pre-assemble and test electrical and pneumatic cabinets.

Field construction, commissioning

We assemble and install the electrical and pneumatic automation system at the end user’s site.

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