About us

We believe that automation and digitalisation lead to a more sustainable future and increase the efficiency of our partners. With this vision, we founded MODIM Engineering Ltd., which since 2010 has helped our clients in numerous industrial automation projects in four continents. Our high number of returning customers is due to the fact that we provide a reliable, customized, complete solution using environmentally conscious and innovative technologies, supported and improved over the long term to create timeless value.

MODIM Engineering Ltd. was founded by three friends and has been based on teamwork from the very beginning. The amalgamation of the different approaches and skills of the founders, combining innovative ideasand needs was the core of the company, which helped it to continuously evolve and succeed. Our company is a cohesive and creative community, and all its members are a pleasure to work with.

How do we work at MODIM?

We are looking for
the best solution

When faced with a challenge, we see it as an opportunity to find the most optimal solution.

We give room
for ideas

All ideas will be considered and discussed as we look for solutions to the problem

We rely on our team

Working together for common goals, we increase our motivation, efficiency and effectiveness.

The history of MODIM

Can we be successful entrepreneurs based on friendship?

Our internship programme

Engineering training at MODIM

We believe it is important that engineering students gain practical experience during their studies, as theoretical knowledge is often only shows it’s true meaning when applied in practice. To this end, we have cooperation agreements with several higher education institutions, which give students the opportunity to work in our company. We are mainly looking for electrical and mechanical engineers who are interested in learning about industrial automation, design and manufacture of electrical and pneumatic equipment, or who are interested in developing industrial software. Our company is also open to students doing independent laboratories at university or writing a thesis.

The MODIM team

Ferenc Heller

Managing Director

Lajos Ispán

Managing Director

Péter Subecz

Managing Director

Melinda Andorfi

Office manager

Ferenc Scheibl

Construction manager

Teréz Jánki

Senior SCADA developer

Péter Menczinger

Technology design manager

Richard Görbe

Electrical design manager

Martin Tinich

Industrial software lead

with us!

If you are interested in state-of-the-art solutions in industrial automation and participate in projects that contribute to your professional development, or if you would like to work in a team where colleagues help each other, we would be glad to receive your CV.


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